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The Dream

My mother has always dreamed of building a home of her own and I decided I wanted to make her dream a reality. When I first reached out to Red Door Homes I was in the initial stages of researching various builders for this project. At the time, building a home for my mother was just an idea I wanted to make possible within a five year timeframe.

After emailing Red Door regarding my request, Lisa Stafford (RDH New Home Consultant) immediately emailed me back answering all of my questions... And boy, did I have a lot of them! Our email exchange continued for a while. Lisa was more than willing to provide me with any of the information I was seeking, this included financing and various design options. Although the other builders I contacted - including modular home companies - responded to my inquiries, they were not as forthcoming and accessible as Red Door Homes. Furthermore, their prices, warranties and included features did not compare to what Red Door had to offer. I also began to realize that with Red Door, my mother's dream wouldn't have to wait. The decision to choose Red Door Homes to build my mother's dream home turned out to be the easiest and greatest decision I could have made - this became even more evident when the bank was impressed with the home's appraisal value, as it far exceeded the loan amount.

The Dream Turned into Reality

My mother had no idea of my communications with Red Door Homes, so on my mother's birthday I had my sister take her to choose a plan that most closely matched the home she had envisioned all these years. The surprise on my mother's face was beyond priceless. Lisa was so patient and accommodating, which truly made the experience even more invaluable. The next month I took my mother back to Red Door to begin the process of building her dream home.

The Selection Process

My mother initially selected one of Red Door's large two-story, five bedroom home plans. As a mother of 15, and a grandmother and great-grandmother to over 30 children, she wanted to make sure her new home had enough room for everyone. Unfortunately, the plan she had chosen was a little outside of my budget. Thanks to Lisa, we were able to customize one of Red Door's one-story home plans into exactly what my mother wanted, plus more - and for a lot less.

We ended up selecting the Concord home plan and added a bonus room which created a second story. The second story was customized into two bedrooms, one bathroom and a large loft area - providing my mother with the five bedrooms she wanted. Lisa explained this was actually a better option, given my mother would spend the majority of her time on the first floor and the Concord would give her more space on the first level.

We met with Page Robertson, Red Door Homes' General Manager, who was so gracious and patient in assisting us with the customization of a dormer window for the upstairs area, which created an additional large room and helped give the home a two-story outside appearance. Once the selection process was completed, the Concord plan had been totally transformed into an entirely different home - one customized specifically for my mother.

Building the Dream

The entire building process was seamless and remarkable. Before building began, Tom Stafford (VP of Construction) and Mitch Rea (Builder) visited the land we intended to have the home built on. They walked me through the construction process in great detail and thoroughly answered all of my questions. Anita Dostal (Office Manager) and Nicole Smith (Office Assistant) were both extremely informative and helpful as to what should be expected in the administrative and financial process.

Communication continued throughout construction, something I really appreciated given that I lived in another state. As building progressed, Brian Taylor (Builder) took over construction... But that didn't slow communication. The construction team updated me with photos throughout building and answered questions I had along the way - I felt as if I was there watching the process. The sub-contractors were amazing as well. Tommy, the landscaper from Dusk-til-Dawn, literally worked from dusk until dawn and went over and beyond to help us achieve my mother's dreams.

The Finished Dream

I didn't know what to expect when the home was completed and ready for its first walk-through. When the Red Door team took me inside, I was astonished with the finished product and detailed craftsmanship - Red Door Homes had incorporated everything my mother wanted.

What I experienced when my mother entered her brand new, customized stick-built home - a long awaited dream she literally watched come to life before her eyes - was the most touching thing I've ever experienced. Words will never explain the happiness that covered her face when she first saw her home. My family and I will always be grateful to the entire Red Door Homes team for this gift.

With Sincere Thanks,
Sara and Family

Real Custom Built Homes For Less Money Than Modular

You can have a stick-built, custom home that's on your land for less than most manufactured, mobile, or modular choices. When it comes to your land and your Dream Home choose the best option without compromising - Red Door Homes!