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Contact A New Home Specialist


Our Peace-of-Mind Customer Care Program Helps Keep You, Our Customer, Satisfied

Customer satisfaction and your positive experience is our number one priority at Red Door Homes. The Red Door Homes door-to-door one year warranty, two year mechanical warranty, and 10 year structural warranty, each allow you to simply enjoy your Dream Home.

We have a highly motivated and professional staff that will be happy to assist you after you move into your home. If problems, questions, or complaints of any nature occur, please contact our Customer Care Team by completing our online warranty claim form below. The information you provide will be used to better understand your needs and determine what action is required. Upon receipt, a Red Door Customer Care Team Member will contact you regarding your concerns.

Handy Handbook Downloads

Please refer to the two PDF's available here; one is the PWSC Warranty Program that you were provided when you signed your Purchase Agreement and the other is the Care & Homeowner Maintenance Edition of your Dream Home Handbook that was presented to you at the Dream Home Demonstration prior to moving in your home.

Each of these documents can assist you with what is a homeowner maintenance item or an actual warranty concern.

Customer Care Business Hours

Warranty calls are performed during normal business hours: M-F 8am-4pm. For emergencies during standard business hours contact:

tel: 910-838-6850 | fax: 910-401-1347

Emergencies After Hours

For emergencies over the weekend we will have a builder representative available for emergency warranty questions.
Available 9am-6pm on Saturday and 9am-6pm on Sunday

tel: 910-838-6850

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Top Ten Home Warranty Q&A's

  • My caulking is cracked, separated, discolored, or is peeling. What should I do?

    Caulking is an important part of regular homeowner maintenance. It is your responsibility as the homeowner to re-caulk as needed to improve cosmetic appearance and reduce the risk of high repair costs. When exposed to temperature and moisture changes over time, all caulking will shrink and lose effectiveness as a moisture seal. It is very important to regularly inspect the caulking around your sink tops, tubs, showers, toilets, windows, doors, siding, and ceramic tiles at least every six months or more often as necessary.

    If any caulking appears cracked, hardened, discolored or chipped, it should be replaced. First, remove the old caulking with an appropriate cutting or scraping tool, while being careful not to damage the surrounding surfaces. Ensure the area is completely dry and apply new caulk with a caulking gun. Caulking materials can be purchased at your local home improvement store.

  • My drywall has cracks, nail pops, and needs paint touch-ups. How should I handle this?

    Red Door Homes will do a one-time Drywall Repair in the first year. This repair does not include painting and addresses builder related issues only.

    The interior of your walls consist of drywall installed over wood. Because of the nature of organic materials used in construction, some contraction and expansion will occur as temperature and humidity changes. All buildings also undergo normal settlement. Also, interior paint and drywall is subject to nicks, stains and wear marks from furniture, children, pets, etc.

    To repair minor drywall cracks, chips, nail pops or voids in walls or ceilings, first clean off any loose edges and then use a putty knife to apply and spread spackling across the area. For nail pops, set the nail before covering with spackling. Allow the area to dry completely then sand the area with a fine grit paper or a sanding sponge in a light sanding motion to blend the repair in with the surroundings. Repeat as desired for best results. Drywall and paint tools and supplies are available at any home improvement store.

    To address paint spots and finish drywall repair, use the paint touchup kit supplied with your new home for color matching wall and trim paint. Apply paint with a large or small roller to achieve the same paint texture.

  • How do I change the heating and A/C air filter in my home?

    Often, reduced HVAC system performance or increased energy costs can be attributed to dirty or clogged air filters, because your system needs a clean filter in order to operate efficiently. As part of regular homeowner maintenance, it is your responsibility as the homeowner to check and replace all air filters in your HVAC system every 30 days or as needed. Also, to improve system performance, all windows should have some type of covering to prevent heat loss and gain; no registers should be completely closed or blocked with furniture; the system should not be turned off for an extended period of time; and interior doors should be kept open as often as possible for air circulation.

    To replace air filters, first locate all air returns in your home and flip the tabs or remove the thumb screws to open the covers. If the filter inside any return appears dirty, write down the size. Filters are widely available at local stores. After returning with a new filter, remove the old one and replace it according to any directions on the unit or in your owner's manual, then reattach the cover on the air return.

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