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Contact A New Home Specialist

Why Red Door?

Every day the members of our Team wake up with the desire not to offer simply a better home, but the ability to change lives financially. Red Door Homes is a builder of easy & affordable DREAM Homes. Many of our clients never even considered home ownership as an option. Today those same folks are bettering their lives, building memories and their financial capabilities along the way.

Red Door Homes takes decades of experience and serves it up with the enthusiasm of a kids in the ice cream shop while adding a passion for the customer EXPERIENCE that exceeds expectations.

We look forward to serving our communities and assisting all that come in our doors to achieve the American dream of home ownership. We even take it to DREAM Home ownership with our ability to personalize the home to your taste and desires.

We Build Simplified, Custom Homes

We build each home as if it’s our own – we handle each customer with the utmost respect and make their DREAM Home Experience delightful and rewarding.

Definition: Simple
Easy to understand, deal with, use, etc.

We Build <strong>Simplified, Custom Homes</strong>

"Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication." - Clare Boothe Luce

Our 3 Uniques

Creating Dream Homes

At Red Door Homes we offer something that our competitors don’t – we offer the opportunity to Personalize their home, assisting in the creation of their DREAM Home.

Affordable Alternative

At Red Door Homes we are an affordable alternative to mobile homes and modular homes. With our fixed pricing we are also more predictable than cost plus local custom builders.

Wise Investment Focused on Their Lifestyle

At Red Door Homes our fantastic value for your investment is the smart solution and all the while you were able to create your DREAM Home that matches YOUR lifestyle.

Our Core Values

Complete "WOW" Experience
The WOW Experience starts with the personalization choices that make your DREAM Home and it strengthens with the close communication and leadership we provide prior to the home even starting. We fortify this WOW experience in the field with a timely start and efficient scheduling, timely communication and accountability through the FINISH. Our plan is to let our experience speak for itself, hoping to make you a RAVING fan that wants to send their family and friends.

Our Core <strong>Values</strong>

The complete Wow Experience STARTS and ENDS with Accountability. It is CORE to what we do for our Customers. TOTALLY ACCOUNTABLE - Definition: Doing what you said you would do, as you said you would do it, when you said you would do it – PERIOD!

Passion for the Brand
At Red Door Homes our Brand is built on our REPUTATION. Our passion every day is to help those that have typically thought a true custom home was not something they could achieve or afford. We strive to create Easy & Affordable DREAM Homes that make it possible for our customers to enjoy a home they may have thought they would never have. We offer the asset appreciation of a real home, a TRUE investment and a true service to our community.

Have FUN while doing it
We know everyone wants to be where people are having fun. Our passion for our work is written on the face of everyone at Red Door Homes, we love doing what we do, and we do it for you!! We are DETERMINED to have FUN and it will show as your journey is an EXPERIENCE worth sharing and worth remembering.

Our Core Focus

We Empower You to Create a Dream Home
Where we have competitors that don’t encourage changes, give minimal selection or will not even share prices until customers jump through hoops. Red Door Home’s EMPOWERS their customer and embraces their input on design, input on the choices they want included in their home, all while assisting you in staying within your budget. We EMPOWER you to select what is important for your family and your lifestyle.

Again... FULLY Personalized and... YOUR DREAM Home!

Our Core <strong>Focus</strong>

Real Custom Built Homes For Less Money Than Modular

You can have a stick-built, custom home that's on your land for less than most manufactured, mobile, or modular choices. When it comes to your land and your Dream Home choose the best option without compromising - Red Door Homes!

Our Dream Home specialists

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