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A few years prior to building with Red Door, my wife and I made plans to build a large barn with living quarters as a temporary home. I had just retired and found a piece of land along the countryside that we wanted to build on. Being on a budget and wanting to build on our own land, we hired a builder we thought could do the job, despite not having a contractor's license.

Lesson learned, the hard way.

No formal plans were drawn prior to building the barn, only a few rough sketches. I paid for the land and barn in cash, so the project was not financed and all expenses were paid out of pocket throughout the building process. With time, the expenses began to add up and I quickly lost track of what all I owed, resulting in two property liens that we were unaware of (we were informed of these outstanding debts when we applied for a loan to assist in the building of our Red Door Home).

Once built, we were satisfied with the barn at first glance. However, it wasn't until after some time passed that we began to notice that we got what we paid for...

The roof began leaking and plumbing would freeze over when temperatures dropped below 20 degrees. Potential drainage issues were not addressed prior to building, so the barn stalls would flood when it rained. Materials used to build the barn are below grade quality. To top it all off, we were hit with a builder's fee that was never discussed during our negotiations. Needless to say, we were desperate for a well-built home to live in but we were worried we wouldn't be able to find a reputable builder who would build on our own land, at an affordable price.

The Second Chance.

My wife and I were soon referred to Red Door Homes by a friend. At the time, they were having their house built by them and we had seen the progress and craftsmanship put into their home. We also knew the work was being done at an affordable price. So, after hearing only good things about the Red Door team from our friends, we decided to take a leap of faith and check them out.

When we first visited the Red Door Homes office in Raeford we were warmly greeted by Nicole, the team's Office Assistant. She introduced us to Lisa Stafford, one of Red Door's New Home Consultants, who immediately put as at ease explaining the home building process. Lisa was knowledgeable, professional, and patient. She spent time walking us through the building process step-by-step, thoroughly answering our questions along the way. The validation we received when speaking to Lisa put our mind at ease and we knew we had to build a Red Door Home.

After looking through all the beautiful home plans available, we immediately fell in love with the Glendale and knew it would be the perfect fit on our land in the countryside. Once we made our decision, Lisa walked us through all of the paperwork and financing process, and Page Robertson, Red Door's General Manager, sat us down in the conference room to go over every inch of the plan, making our small custom changes as necessary.

Construction went smoothly, despite the cold and heavy rains we experienced that winter. Because of the wet weather, our long dirt driveway from off the street tended to get messy due to the heavy equipment and large trucks and trailers coming through to build. The Red Door team made a point to fix the driveway as needed and made sure to clean up and leave the site looking nice and tidy. Once weather eased up, the building process was much smoother and done quickly and professionally. We never had any issues whatsoever with any of the subcontractors.

When our home was finished, Tom Stafford - the team's Construction Manager - thoroughly inspected the home's detail and build, making sure everything was up to standard; everything passed. He made a point to tell us to call him if we ever needed him and that the Red Door team was readily available to assist if we had any future problems or issues. To this day we have been worry and issue free.

Working with the Red Door Homes team is as good as it gets in home building. Not only did the team build us a beautiful home, they did so at an affordable price and with unmatched customer service. We wish to especially thank Nicole, Lisa, Tom and Page for all they did to make this dream come true.


Karle, Diane and our two Vizslas Ginger and Pippa.

Real Custom Built Homes For Less Money Than Modular

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