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The day I have been so excited for is finally here! If you're anything like me the most anticipated part and benefit of building a brand new custom home is designing it yourself. I have spent months on Pinterest, Houzz, Google, and internally critiquing a majority of my friends' homes, to put together in my mind what our dream home would look like that fits my family's lifestyle, budget, and our personal taste.

A few weeks after our loan closed it was time for our Color Selections and Plan Review Meeting at the Red Door Home Design Center. This is the stage of the design process where you sit down with your Dream Home Consultant to select all of your design preferences and go over your floor plan for any last changes before the final plan is submitted.

The Design Center has your paint selections already on the wall and flooring options laid out so you can view first-hand what they will look like in natural light. I was pleasantly surprised by all the selection options that were available but relieved to find myself not too overwhelmed by a hefty amount of products and choices that could have me sitting up all night.

First, we started with the exterior colors. Honestly the hardest color for me to decide on was the front door. I ended up choosing Bordeaux, which is almost a dark wine color. We paired it with a light gray vinyl, dark gray board and batten, and black shutters. Jackie, our Dream Home Consultant, has a tremendous eye for design and she really guided us on our final decisions.

Next came out interior selections. My husband who apparently was just there for 'moral support', turned into Joanna Gaines. He confidently selected our granite countertops, carpeting, fixtures, and tile backsplash. He has been bragging to all of our friends and family that he picked out our entire house...

During the Plan Review Meeting, we were able to make our last minute changes and touch-ups to our plan before the final copy submission. Our builder went over all the details of our plan to ensure everything was perfect! It has been a very hands on process. We have been involved in every decision, every step of the way.

My favorite part of the entire home building process, has been designing my home with my husband and seeing how our different visions have come in sync for our future 'Dream Home'.

The decisions have been made, our plan has been finalized, and we are ready to see our vision come to life. Stay tuned for our next step when we meet our builder on site for our Pre-Drywall Walk Through in the next few weeks!

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