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My dream home is moving forward and I couldn't be more excited! If you tuned-in to my last post, you went through the process with me as I secured my construction to permanent loan. I received my pre-approval with one of our partner lenders (I am also using a VA loan) and now I am ready to get started. If you missed my last post, I started my pre-approval. Click here to read my last post.

Now, if you already own land to build on, you can move right along to the next step but many of our future homeowners ask the important question:

"Do I have to own land in order for you to build my dream home?"

The answer is no. Because we are an "on your lot builder", finding land is a key step but if you don't have it, we are here to help.

We have excellent Realtor partners who can help you with your land search. They can help identify the perfect location for your new home which will fit within your total budget. Once you have identified land to build on, we will make sure to evaluate the property to ensure it's the perfect fit for your dream home before you buy it. Not all realtors are familiar with key details to look out for if you're building a new home. Make sure to ask your realtor if they have experience buying or selling a buildable property.

I can tell you from my own search for land, I learned a few important things that will help as you are looking for your perfect home site. It's important to point out that not all lots are buildable, that is something I didn't know before I started this process. Land which is flat with access to public utilities like water and septic, and no large trees, or just a few to clear, are all excellent things to have a look out for. This will all help keep your land preparation costs low. If your lot (like mine) had a bit of a hill, many large trees, and needed a septic tank, that's ok too! We will make sure your builder can estimate those costs to fit within your budget. Preparing land for construction typically costs between $10,000 - $30,000 depending on the property and county. We will make sure you have an estimate of those costs before you purchase your land. If you find a piece of land priced low for the area, ask us about it so we can make sure there are no red flags we would want to consider. If the home site will need a septic tank, make sure to ask the seller if they have completed a perc test (percolation test). This will make sure the soil is suitable for the tank you will need for your new home.

Believe it or not, over 60% of our homeowners do not own land when they first visit us, so don't let it discourage you from building your dream home. We are here to help and make this process as easy as possible. I have also learned that the perfect property IS out there so don't give up if at first you just can't find what you're looking for. Our Dream Home Consultants and Realtor partners are dedicated to ensuring you find the perfect property. Honestly, Red Door Homes saved me thousands of dollar after evaluating the land I wanted to purchase. They were able to discover that the building permits would have been expensive and very difficult to obtain. I was so glad I had them on my side during this part of the process!

Truthfully, this process has been so fun and exciting; and I love that I have been so hands-on in making my vision become a reality. I have picked out my floor plan after meeting with my Dream Home Consultant, secured my financing, found my land, and now I am ready to start building!

Real Custom Built Homes For Less Money Than Modular

You can have a stick-built, custom home that's on your land for less than most manufactured, mobile, or modular choices. When it comes to your land and your Dream Home choose the best option without compromising - Red Door Homes!