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Team Highlights

Lauren Marsh

Lauren Marsh

Human Resources Director

Lauren spent 20 years working in human healthcare (i.e., hospitals, private practice, and insurance companies) but decided to make the leap into the construction industry in 2018.  During this time, she oversaw all facets of human resources.   Lauren enjoys working in human resources, more specifically onboarding/educating new hires and she is always trying to find ways to make Red Door Homes the best employer in the Carolinas. 

In her spare time, Lauren enjoys being with her family.  She and her husband, Jeremy (married 16 years) have one son, Grayson who is 9 years old.  They enjoy going to the beach as well as playing all sports (such as tennis, football, soccer, baseball & basketball).  Other than Lauren’s husband and son, she also has Toby (a Shih Tzu) who is 6 years old.  Toby and Grayson do a great job of running the Marsh household.  After graduating college with her undergraduate degree, Lauren enrolled into graduate school. She was able to juggle graduate school as a full-time student while working full-time in the hospital setting.

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