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Contact A New Home Specialist
Contact A New Home Specialist

Realtor Referral Program

Red Door Homes is looking to partner with top tier real estate professionals to create a mutually beneficial relationship. This powerful program rewards our referral partners with many unique benefits.

About The Referral Program

Real estate professionals eligible to sign up for our Referral Program will need to agree to rules and restrictions below in order to be eligible for compensation from Red Door Homes in return for a referral customer. A real estate professional is eligible for a 3% referral fee* based on the Red Door Homes base contract amount with the referred customer.

Please Note:  Red Door Homes is not a Real Estate Firm. We do not Offer “Co-Brokerage” Commissions or Fees.

About The Referral Program

What Are The Benefits Of Partnering With Red Door Homes?

  • Compensation
  • Advertise to Thousands of Customers Online
  • Sell Your Land Listings (Possible Bonus Referrals for assisting our customers with land searches)
  • Increase Listing Leads
  • Co-Marketing Initiatives
  • List Twice
  • Gain New Customers
  • Client Retention
  • Greater Possibility of Financing Approval
What Are The Benefits Of Partnering With Red Door Homes?

Earn a 3% Referral Fee!

Your referral fee is calculated based off the base price of the home
and paid after the foundation has been completed.

Rules and Restrictions

Please Note:  Red Door Homes is not a Real Estate Firm. We do not Offer “Co-Brokerage” Commissions or Fees.

Marketing Agreement: All marketing material (including RMLS listings, flyers, ads, signage, or anything containing Red Door Homes logos or product images) needs to be approved by the Red Door Homes Marketing Department. (Can be emailed to

  1. In order to be eligible, real estate professionals must participate in an initial Red Door Homes presentation in person at one of our Model Home Centers prior to their customers initial appointment with one of our Dream Home Consultants or Associates.
  2. The Red Door Homes Referral Program is a non-exclusive program for licensed real estate professionals that refer customers to Red Door Homes. Referred customers must purchase and build a home with Red Door Homes for the referral fee to apply. Under no circumstances will Red Door Homes be responsible for payment of a referral fee if the referred customer does not build a home, for any reason, with Red Door.
  3. For the referral fee to apply the Realtor must be the procuring cause for the sale and an agreement to such would have to be signed prior to the Purchase Agreement being written by the buyer.
  4. If a customer is referred by two or more separate referral sources, a fee will only be paid to the party responsible for the customer building the home. At no time will Red Door Homes pay two referral fees for one home.
  5. Effective September 23, 2022, the referral fee shall be calculated off the base price of the home at 3%
  6. The referral fee is processed 45 days after the foundation of contracted home has been poured.
  7. Red Door Homes reserves the sole right to cancel or make changes to this program at any time, at the sole discretion of Red Door Homes. In addition, the determination for eligibility within these rules and restrictions is solely at the discretion of Red Door Homes.
  8. To be eligible for a referral fee, the customer must purchase a home with Red Door within 12 months from the date of referral.
  9. Real estate partners are not paid a referral fee when building a home with Red Door and will be paid a professional partner discount equal to their realtor referral tier.
  10. To be eligible for a referral payment under the Red Door Homes Referral Program, a referring partner must be currently licensed as a real estate professional and in good standing with the state in which the referral takes place. Any real estate professional that is not in good standing at the time of the referral will not be eligible for a referral fee.
  11. Registration of leads is required. In order to receive a referral fee on leads you refer to Red Door Homes, you must register the lead through our system, and have toured one of our locations prior to your client visiting a Red Door Homes location. You will not be paid a referral fee on leads that are not registered through the system or that you are deemed to not be the procuring cause.

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