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Contact A New Home Specialist
Contact A New Home Specialist

Need to Finance Your Dream Home?

  • Borrower applies for pre-qualification for a construction-to-permanent loan
  • Borrower identifies desired homesite and, if applicable, writes a sales contract to purchase the land
  • Borrower writes a purchase agreement with Red Door Homes for their new Dream home (this can be done prior to identifying a homesite)
  • A full loan application is made with a complete set of required documentation
  • An appraisal is ordered
  • Loan approval is issued and the construction loan closing is scheduled
  • Borrower closes on the construction loan and the land if applicable
  • Construction begins and funds on the construction loan are disbursed per the pre-determined draw schedule
  • Construction is completed and the permanent loan refinances theconstruction loan
  • Borrower moves in!
Need to Finance Your Dream Home?

The Do's and Don'ts During Construction

  • DO save as much money as possible
  • DO try to earn as much money as possible
  • DO keep your credit history impeccable as it will affect your permanent loan interest rate
  • DO pay your rent on time and keep all your credit accounts current
  • DO pay for PERSONAL CHOICES over and above your loan amount out of pocket, as there is no guarantee we can increase your permanant loan amount.
The <strong>Do's</strong> and <strong>Don'ts</strong> During Construction
  • DON'T quit your job while your home is being built unless your new job pays more money
  • DON'T buy new furniture, cars or appliances
  • DON'T move money from one account to another or consolidate or open new credit accounts
  • DON'T retire or pay off other loans or credit accounts without consulting your lender
  • DON'T get behind on your payments as this could affect your permanent loan