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Team Highlights

Jose Camargo

Jose Camargo

Dream Home Advisor

Jose Camargo-Santibañez has lived in Ayden, North Carolina since he was a child and is a recent  graduate of UNC-Greensboro in Theatre arts. Since graduating he has gone into sales and has discovered he has a passion for it. Jose has 6 years of experience in customer service and 2 years in sales.  He’s gained experience assisting families at the Greensboro science center as a birthday party host and helping guests apply for memberships. Through his experience in the jewelry industry he has gained knowledge on how to best assist you in getting you what you want!

Jose is also a photographer, writer, and has gained some knowledge in filming/editing in front and behind the camera! He has a fluffy orange tabby cat named Morris and is from a big family and understands just how important it is to get the home you need. He also speaks two languages: English and Spanish.

Jose’s biggest accomplishment to date is being a first generation college graduate!

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