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Our clients want to live where they want to!!, not in a neighborhood where they are given rules and restrictions, but the flexibility of a rural setting. We give our clients the ability to express themselves and create their perfect DREAM Home. A HOME where their children will experience life and memories will be made looking through these windows.

At Red Door Homes we are changing what people expect from the build of their HOME, we are focused on the EXPERIENCE and committed to making this a SIMPLE Journey and one that was worth the wait.

You're in GREAT hands at Red Door Homes!

Here's A Sample Journey:

Sue and Bob were just given some land by Sue's father. It adjoins her parents on the family farm. The couple is considering their choices for how to build their new family home. So they are actively seeking their available housing options.

Here's A Sample Journey:

They find themselves at a fork in the road - one avenue would be an expensive local builder that builds cost plus with no finality on their pricing and the second choice is a modular home, but they have already heard the stories about their investment depreciating rather than appreciating, not to mention the high interest rate they were quoted and expensive insurance rates.

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Red Door Homes, a builder of Easy & Affordable Dream Homes, is their answer.
They are a custom home builder than allows the total personalization of their homes to the buyers tastes and budget.

All of this at a fixed price and provided in an easy 10 Simple Step program that get Sue and Bob from a dilemma over what to do - to a comfort level that they will be taken care of as part of the Red Door Family.

More than 50% of our current business comes from referrals, considerably above the industry average.

The customer experience is at the forefront of Red Door Home's philosophy. Each customer is approached as a referral potential for future business.

This story of Sue and Bob's ends well like hundreds of other family stories at Red Door Homes each year. An ability to join others in home ownership, participate in the appreciation of real estate and build on their financial future in a way they wouldn't have been able to.

Making these dreams come true is what brings each member of the Red Door Team to work every morning. People want to do business with us because our focus is on YOU. Always striving to make each customer's investment one they can cherish and one they will have enjoyed putting their personal stamp on! Their Dream Home!!

Real Custom Built Homes For Less Money Than Modular

You can have a stick-built, custom home that's on your land for less than most manufactured, mobile, or modular choices. When it comes to your land and your Dream Home choose the best option without compromising - Red Door Homes!

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