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A Red Door Dream Home Is

We rarely build the same DREAM home twice! We offer numerous well thought out plans – considered them starting points for Your Dream Home. Whether its exterior, interior, additional square footage or customized to work best on your property, you get to decide what changes make it your Dream Home.

Red Door offers countless personalization choices all offered to make your Dream Home a reality. We will even consider custom changes that you have seen or dreamed assuming they are possible. All of this planning happens up front to set a fixed price to keep your mind at ease and your Dream Home within reach.

There is nothing hidden here at Red Door Homes, each home has a starting price and every item you consider has an associated price. With this transparent pricing of our homes and those personalization choices, you'll know exactly how much your Dream home will cost before it's built and this cost will not change once it is authorized.

One of the many advantages of purchasing a new home is that everything used to build Your Dream Home is brand new and covered by a warranty. If you experience an issue, we will ensure your request is addressed, and everything reverts to normal in a suitable amount of time.

Many of our customers are searching for modular or mobile homes. Red Door Dream Homes are REAL homes, built on site from the ground up.

A Red Door Dream Home <strong>Is</strong>

A Red Door Dream Home Is Not

Most of our customers do not want the repetitive look they find in most communities nor are they interested in the lack of privacy, Homeowner Association rules as well as other neighborhood drawbacks. Your new home should simply be your Dream Home – built exactly where you want it.

Our well planned Simple Steps contribute to making your homebuilding experience pleasurable. Making our decisions up front allows a simpler and more achievable build assuring that your home stays on budget and on schedule.

Some builders are cost-plus (no incentive to protect price) as overruns pay them even more. Others simply don’t plan well enough to fully understand what it is you want in your Dream Home, so things get left out and cost you more down the road. Others seem to hide things in their pricing and not be as forthright. Building with these types of builders can quickly turn your Dream Home into an expensive nightmare. At Red Door you'll know the cost of your home before we start building.

We understand the importance of location and recognize there are many used homes available in our markets. However, these used homes come with a world of questions and unknowns. You will see each step of your homes build and will know exactly what is involved. Even come to one of our Muddy Boots tours and see one under construction before you decide.

We are not built in a factory and trucked down the road. Nor do our homes lose value over time they appreciate in value. Consider making the wiser choice.

A Red Door Dream Home <strong>Is Not</strong>
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